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Adult BJJ

BJJ is not a random collection of unrelated techniques. It is a systematic way of controlling and subduing a larger, stronger, younger, faster opponent, based on scientific principles, concepts, tactics and strategies that all work together. Our Adult BJJ classes present it as such. 

  • Learn techniques your instructor actually uses while sparring
  • Lessons consisting of techniques that work together in systems
  • Cover a concept, principle, tactic or strategy deeply enough that you can actually use it


BJJ 101

The fundamentals are not what’s most basic, but what’s most important.

In this class you will cover the underlying principles that govern every movement, position, transition and technique in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

You will develop and hone the fundamental skills of recovering and retaining guard, sweeping, passing, controlling from top position, and taking the back using the building block movements of BJJ that are frequently neglected or taught incorrectly. 

Although you will find many beginners in this class, all of our ranked students attend it as well, both to help our new students in their journey, and to hone the essential concepts and movements that create true skill in grappling.

BJJ 201

This is our intermediate/advanced class. In this class you will study Advanced Guard Systems, Positional Attack Systems, and Submission Attack Systems. You will spend up to an entire month studying a single theme. By the end of each module you will have developed an in-depth familiarity with the subject, and your skill in the area of study will have improved significantly.





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