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Kids BJJ

At Big Mike’s BJJ, we like to focus on a foundation of rock solid Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fundamentals for sport and self defense. Because of this, our Kids BJJ classes will be accessible to absolute beginners while at the same time beneficial for more seasoned practitioners. 

Kids will learn concepts and movements that will set the foundation for their journey as martial artists. Equipped with a basic formula for controlling and submitting their opponents, kids will actively problem solve while receiving real resistance from their training partners. 

We aim to create a fun environment where kids can ‘play’ and have fun, but there will be no ‘fluff’ for your child in this program. Like any sport, these children are learning a game, but each game they play in class will be specifically designed to translate directly into skills they can use for self defense or grappling tournaments. 

Kids will leave class having been stimulated mentally, socially and physically. They will learn what they can achieve through hard work and disciplined practice. The values you’re teaching them at home will be reinforced here through practical experience. And they will grow in confidence, learning ability, sociability and physicality as a result of being a young martial artist.



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