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Big Mike's BJJ photo

Big Mike's Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - Oak Harbor, WA

Big Mike's BJJ offers a unique blend of the latest new-school techniques backed by a rock solid foundation of old-school fundamentals, taught in a supportive environment with a healthy balance of safety, skill development, and competition.


Train at Big Mike’s BJJ and you will:

  • Make some great friends
  • Get one hell of a workout
  • Get some of the best instruction available in Oak Harbor, Washington
  • And you’ll feel better at the end of most sessions than you did when you started


Who do you want to be one year from now?

How about five?

Learn Jiu-Jitsu. Be Badass!

What others have to say...

“Some people are just meant to teach Jiu-Jitsu. Mike Gorski is one such person. Within an hour of first meeting Mike in the summer of 2019, I knew I needed to convince him to teach at my gym. Over the next two years, I came to fully appreciate just how talented of a coach Mike really was. 

Aside from his encyclopedic knowledge of techniques and concepts, Mike was phenomenal at breaking down exactly what each of our newer students needed to improve, and he’d teach it in a way that kept them hungry to keep learning. For our more advanced students (and myself), Mike was an endless repository of knowledge about any and all geeky Jiu-Jitsu topics us upper belts love. I’ve spent hundreds of hours discussing every aspect of the art with Mike, which has had an incredibly positive effect on my own Jiu-Jitsu game. 

Whether you’re a brand new student stepping on the mat for the first time, or you’re a blue belt looking to take that next step in really advancing your game, or you’re a purple belt preparing to enter the upper echelons of the colored belts, you absolutely need to be training under Mike Gorski (aka Big Mike). I promise it’ll be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.”

- Jason Robillard, Brown Belt, Former Owner of El Diablo Combatives


"I stopped in the area visiting for a short family getaway. Mike welcomed me to visit and join his Thursday evening class. I did not bring my Gi but his class was mixed with some Nogi students that hadn't received their Gi's yet.

We went over side-control & he covered some good fundamentals & threw something in that I hadn't considered. I might have done it haphazardly before but his details were strong & universally applicable for new & experienced practitioners.

Wish I could be here longer & get to roll with this crew more. All the students were eager to learn. Everyone had a great attitude and were there to go hard & be safe.

If you make your way out here, I definitely recommend giving his spot a visit.

Thank you Big Mike for allowing me to be a part of this crew tonight!"

- Mike, Purple Belt, visitor from San Diego


"At Big Mike's, you are joining a tribe of like-minded practitioners that are grounded in respect for BJJ as a martial art, and respect for the safe and effective development of one another. Mike is a high quality instructor, coach, and mentor that is genuinely invested in his students."

- Mark V, White Belt



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